Shepherding Couples

Our Shepherding Couples (church elders) oversee spiritual care for the Journey family. In this role, the shepherds offer spiritual insight and encouragement for daily life and in times of crisis.

Shepherding Couples are also assigned to support at least one member of our staff and several Journey Communities each year. They provide our leaders with mentoring and training, in addition to spiritual care


Shepherding Couples also serve as prayer warriors for Journey and they take this role seriously by praying intently for the pastoral staff and the larger Journey family.

James 5:14-15 reminds us to call on the elders of the church for prayer because the prayer of faith can save the sick and lead to the forgiveness of sins.

Talk to a Shepherd

Let us know if you need prayer or spiritual care. We'll get you connected with a Shepherding Couple who's eager to help you!

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Introduce yourself to our shepherds next time you see them!

  • Terry & Jackie Binder

    • Shepherds since: 2017
    • Fun fact: both raised as farm kids in Iowa


  • Stephen & Louise Bird

    • Shepherds since: 2011
    • Fun fact: traveled to Israel with their family in 2014


  • Walt & Gayle Fenoglio

    • Shepherds since: 2008
    • Fun fact: lived in Australia for two years


  • Dod David & Becky Moore

    • Shepherds since: 2021
    • Fun fact: met their first week at Baylor and have enjoyed mountain biking together every since. 


  • Michael & Suzanne Parrish

    • Shepherds since: 2016
    • Fun fact: Michael paints Texas landscapes and Suzzane is an avid photographer  


  • Jay & Brenda Pippin

    • Shepherds since: 2012
    • Fun fact: highschool sweethearts (Class of 1980, Mart Panthers)