Local & Global Missions

Our call is to “partnership in the gospel” (Philippians 1:4-5) and we understand that the church extends beyond Journey.  

Journey in the World

Just as Jesus was sent, we believe that we are also sent from the Father into the world (John 16:28).

Let’s move beyond the walls of our church building to extend the kingdom of God into the world as we help the needy, love the poor and walk with the disconnected.

Our Mission Partners

Our mission partners are vetted organizations that share our heart to serve with a sacrificial vision by showing Christ’s love to people who need hope.

Journey's Tithe

Each month, Journey demonstrates our partnership with these organizations by tithing from the monthly offering we receive before spending money on our budget and expenses (read more about our tithe on our Fiscal Info page).

How You Can Extend with Our Partners

Join us and extend into the world, by volunteering with and supporting these partnerships to multiply your outreach efforts.

Our prayer is that your mission experiences take you deeper into God's transformation.

  • Nexus

    The mission at Nexus is to, “make disciples who make disciples who start churches that start churches!” 

    Extend with Nexus

  • China Spring Cares

    Providing clothing, food, school supplies and other resources to CSISD students that need assistance. 

    Extend with China Spring Cares

    • Volunteer: sign-up to help pack and deliver food, sort through donated clothes or help students in the programs.
    • Donate:  (1) provide a financial offering to China Spring Cares or (2) pick up some of the specific donation items and drop them off at any CSISD school office or at the district's administration building.
  • Young Life Greater Waco 

    Helping local kids find true life through Jesus Christ. Young Life leaders walk with kids to help them learn how to experience the full life God designed, while letting kids be kids in this overwhelming and amazing world. 

    Extend with Young Life

  • Journey to the Streets

    Extending the hand of Jesus and offering hope to people who are facing homelessness and difficult situations in the Waco area. Because everyone deserves to experience love and kindness, JTTS serves people in our hometown by offering compassion to the outcasts, delivering food to the hungry and ministering to the broken. 

    Extend with Journey to the Streets

  • Care Net

    Offering compassionate care, practical help and accurate information to women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. More than simply healthcare during pregnancy, Care Net provides spiritual guidance, peer counseling, education opportunities, housing programs, and the opportunity to become independently established. 

    Extend with CareNet

We Can Help You Extend into the World

Contact our office at office@journeycs.org with questions about our mission opportunities, and we’ll connect you to Norricia Speights, our Local Missions Ministry Leader. 

Share Your Mission Experiences!

Do you have a story about how you are extending Christ's love into the world? How has the experience helped others, or how has it transformed you to become more like Jesus? 

Share your Mission story