Planting New Churches

Our dedication to reaching people in China Spring, greater Waco and beyond who are disconnected from God and from his people stays strong. As an outgrowth of this heart for the disconnected, Journey actively partners with Nexus to plant new churches in Texas and beyond. 

When we partner with a church through Nexus, Journey provides the church plant with support from planning and building all the way through the new church’s first five years of operation. Our support includes: 

  • Financial contributions for church operations, property purchases and construction. 
  • Spiritual guidance and counsel to leaders on launching the church, developing programs and how to successfully manage daily business.  

Journey’s Church Planting Timeline

  • 2012: Journey Lorena is an independent church that carries our same heart for the disconnected world.
  • 2014: Journey Elgin, our commitment to the advancement of God's kingdom led to this second church plant. 
  • 2016: we partnered in a third church plant, Hope Community Church in Austin. 
  • 2018: Venture Christian Church, was launched in Katy with Journey’s support. 
  • 2021: our first time partnering with two new church plants at the same time and our first church outside of Texas—Mercy Church Paris in Paris, Texas and a new church in Johnstown, Colorado called Storyline Christian Church

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